the raven






beware the raven

beware the ravens eye
lest it casts its wicked gleam
all thats left it saw
but that thats which unseen 

a diamond ring might glisten
but the ravens eye can gleam
lest it takes the shining prism
until its left unseen 

but beware its cloak and dagger
lest the fog shall start to rise
beware the  flying  raven
and beware its gleaming eyes

the raven

the raven’s chuckle over brewing trouble
a glint within an eye
a warning cast but not unmasked
within a thought they fly

the white the black
will travel back
the calm with in the storm
but listen as they travel past
for with in the echo’s warn

frost touched raven white with hair
blue eyed crystal stare
bids against the raven’d locked
the cloaked one’s every where

the raven

the raven how she rocked you
i dont know how she made it though
once more she took good care of you
and then she up and flew

the red head how she bled you
she lied with what she said to you
she mislead and she hurt you
and now the fires gone

the baby carriage took you
but the wedding song was wrong to do
she cheated and she stole from you
now the heart has hurt so long

but no matter if you make it through
or if you feel its time to do
you cant find another lover
till the other lovers gone

the past was made to seal and heal
before old scars were meant to feel
you got to let it fade away
to let another stay

move one to tomorrow
dont let the shadows follow
cos you cant find another lover
till the other lovers gone