mistrust distrust






A galaxy of lies

a myriad of darkness
with a smattering of lies
scattered through out the galaxy
decorating the darkend skies

moon light glimpses glistening
an echo of a cry
light dances from desolation
as a tear falls from an eye
how many more

how many times do, you think that you can lie?
how many time do, you think ill buy that line?
each day instead of growing stronger
i feel us grow apart
and find that once again
im forced to build walls around my heart

how many times, do you think that you can lie?
do you think i have no options?
is it to much work to try?

how many more times, will you treat me like a fool?
do you think that im an object? do you think that im a tool?
you claim you care and worry that the love you claim is true
and yet you only think of me when theres nothing else to do

the list of lies grow longer
as i feel us grow apart
and the future holds the certainty
that your going to break my heart

each lie i catch you out on
it tears my soul in two
because with each lie, comes confirmation
there will be no truth from you

am im such a fool ?

i was such a fool
when i let myself fall for you
im just a pawn in your lieing game
even though you claimed that you felt the same
im nothing more than a tool
how could you be so cruel
you couldnt tell me true
how could i fall for you
you show me in so many ways
i cant believe a word that you say
and yet you claim that you care
yet you cant treat me fair
im just a pawn in your lieing game
you show me so with every untruth claim
i thought you felt the same
but you dont care about pain
i was such a fool
when i believed in you
im just a pawn in your lieing game
a satilite in your world of "pain"
another "drama" in which you can claim
im just a pawn for you
and you think im a fool
you think ill believe just all that you say
that i wont question you any way
you think im stupid and cant see the truth
even when theres plenty of proof
and then you twist the words
you think to blind me its so absurd
you think im that much the fool
that i wont see what you do
how could you hurt me so cruel
well i wont hurt any more
ill be as i was before
ill rebuild the walls one more time
i wont fall for any more of your lines
because im not that fool
and i wont be your tool

little lord faunteroy

little lord faunterroy
just what is it he can do
he can hide the truth from you
and lie just through and through
and when his misspoke words are caught
just how does he react
as though he is the victim
in a viciouse slurred attack
little lord faunteroy
now hes in a huff
hes going to break his " toys" for now
to show hes feeling rough
little lord faulteroy
boo hoo for pain you feel
it might illicet sympathy
if shit you felt was real
little lord faunteroy
keep lieing through your teeth
the more that your caught out on
the less that i believe
and now you feel angry
because that you were caught
but of course these arnt your problems
"because its really not your fault"
the world was made to please you
and us pawns are merely toys
it doesnt matter that theres rules for us
there not for faunteroy
so little lord faunteroy can continue on his game
theres nothing he can do thats wrong
theres nothing thats his blame
and anger felt when caught in lies
if twists dont work theres tears to try
so little lord faunteroy
when all his tricks dont work
and broken toys dont do win him sympathy
he claims his pain and sorrow and thinks it works on me
so throw your tears and tantrums and break your toys all day
the pain remorse or sorrow are just more lies you throw my way