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psychedelic smiles

Twisting twirling psychedelic yearning
floating gloating learning turning
flashes before mine eyes
clear blue skies?
Unfocused eyes
unseen lies.

all pain all fear all hope all souls die
lost in the psychedelic confines of my mind
I laugh again I smile so bright
no more feeling no more fight
giggling insanely in my delight
as I stumble blindly towards the light
no hate no pain no fear to see
but no soul left im loosing me
pretty pictures make me blind
im winning the battle but cheerfully …loosing my mind 

lost soul

joy from the heart to swallow
happiness is sure to follow
manic laughter felt so deep
peaceful often led to sleep

open heart and joy behold
happiness for all is sold
spring morning in the winter bloom
banish sorrow banish doom

the truth for all is there to see
smiles and laughter joy and glee
peace of heart and mind and soul
happiness has but one easy toll