on love in fun






when we walked the isle

      was long ago we walked the isle
      with smiling eyes and beaming smile
      but now years on and somethings changed
      i fear my figuers now rearanged

      though my smile still beams bright
      now it smiles in the glass by the bed all night
      but there's more to worry than an empty mouth
      now my lifes in its winter my boobs went south

      my bellys grown large and my eye sight now fails
      my bodys gone weak and my minds getting frail
      but when i gaze in your eyes i can see the truth
      when you look at me you see only my youth

      love fades they say with old father time
      but with us its the truth that love is blind
      through the years and the days when iv past my best
      with empty mouth and dragging breast

      with wrinkles and bumps where they shouldnt be
      i can tell by you eyes that you still love me

i vow (male)

i promise that ill honor thee
with love i take thy hand
as i gaze upon thy providence
i promise with this band

to cherish thou above all else
except mine satellite
and even then my loving Jewel
after games ill be contrite

i promise that my love for thee
shall last through calm and stress
after all mine only one
your such a darn good chef

obedience i give to thee
for love you'll never lack
i give to thou these promises
with finger crossed behind mine back

i vow ( female )

i promise that I’ll honor thee
i vow upon this band
as i gaze into your loving eyes
as you take me by the hand

my love shall hold forever
through the hardship I’ll stay true
even when it comes upon the point
when my biggest problems you

obedience i give to you
on things which i agree
disobedience??? its in your mind
we shall blame senility

these promises i give to thee
as i vow upon this band
and notice no crossed fingers
as you hold me by both hands