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The Widow

The wid0w spins her silken web
Beauty between fine gossamer thread
Frost drapes like diamonds glistening in the dusk
Enticing… provoking… curiosity a must

Though many see not the shinning array
See not the warning the cold frost does display
Flying tangled into clinging weave
Allowing shinning smile to deceive

As the wid0ws fangs sink in… to end their life

then on to the next…

Come… pray let us tarry a while”
The wid0w turns with sparkling frosted smile

Seeking sustenance for heart, body and mind
The wid0w seeks to feed on all she finds


Romance, love, passion… hunger all end the same
Life near the wid0w a dangerous game

Remember as her fangs reach to feed upon your heart
The wid0ws love is always dark

Brings pain and death to all who seek
Poisson lurking below exterior meek

A tender husband, love to seek in the dark
But tender of flesh… not of the heart
For sustenance the wid0w lusts true
Who shall feed her next? … Be it you?

But who is caught tightest in this web of style
Be it the prey? The lover? The wid0w with frosted smile?
If death comes to all who tarry along
Tis a lonely smile a lonely song



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