on erotica






Silken Skin

silken smooth skin.. writhes from with in ... beneath my fingertips
fingers that slide so softly... followed... by moist, hot velvet lips
a warm breath's caress, over strong, bulging chest... as my lips continue to explore
palms that glide to muscled thigh... that leave you wanting more

do you feel your passion growing? ... beneath my loving touch
slowly lips glide lower... some things we shouldn’t rush
soft hair whispers lightly, over lips sweet passing trail
closer to your excitement... my tongue flickers... as i kiss... what makes you male
grasping manhood firmly, as i kiss the velvet tip
slowly softly fondling, as i enclose you, within my lips
firm wet pleasure pervades you as they glide along the shaft
i can feel you pleasure growing, as you feel my warm breaths draft

fingers that slide over trembling thigh
deep base tone to tease a tempted sigh
pulsating passion throbbing to try
as it enters a startled cry

deeper deeper deeper within
slowly sliding slipping in
lips grasping moistly to feel everything
hips thrust temptingly now let us begin

a strong stroke and im gentle gasping
my rippling muscle contracting and grasping

tight around pulsating pride
stronger longer let us ride
another thrust felt deep inside
a startled cry eyes open wide

my back arches as you hasten speed
i moan softly can you feel my need
my hips thrust to heavens as i follow your lead
faster harder let me steal your seed

a strong stroke and im gentle gasping
my rippling muscle contracting and grasping

pleasure flows freely as you slip and slid
an orgasmic cry with a final thrust inside
pulsating pleasure bursting with pride
together we finish... eyes open wide
on the shore by the lake

hands glide smooth over oiled skin
massaging shoulders and soul within
soft hands caress as chills begin
tingling sensation forbidden sin

soft lips caress behind your ear
warm breath seducing intention clear
soft nibbles as you loose your fear
souls move closer as we draw near 

whispered sensation round lobe and nape
strong emotion hands start to shake
warmth building as another kiss i take
the beginning of an evening on the shore by the lake

lovers caress

slick bodies glide and press.. beneath the lovers caress
moist lips that seek the soul.. as warm hands move to feel there goal
hot breath rasps past nape... a stolen kiss to take
lips moist on lobe... as palms glide to thrill the soul

flesh tingles as hands explore... hips thrusting, wanting more
fingers slide to trembling thigh... slowly higher, a whispered cry
tips tingle teasingly tickling pulsating lips...
moist inviting emptiness... more forceful thrusting hips

a sigh so soft as fingers probe... soon felt deep inside
warm moister begs for even more... as fingers start to glide
explosion felt with pleasure, ripples through out the soul
the soft touch of you finger... soon replaced by more