on d.i.d






merging mentalitys

what once was two shall now be one
dark shadows flee from the rising sun
new light of day chases the past away
what was once was beat... now shalt not stay

dissipate to reassimilate... tasks are shared between
disgarded chore now cast ashore.. before the shade is seen
the last resolve before dissolve.... an echo in the breeze
lost part... with in the dark.. theres more thats left unseen

a new beginning with a brand new day
a debt indebted  will now be repaid
what once was taken shall remain undone
a new view revealed with the rising sun

a part of me... did die today
but we knew that part just could not stay
an echo in the breeze of last resolve
till job is done then too dissolve

dissipate to reassimilate... tasks are shared between
disgarded chore now cast ashore.. before the shade is seen
the last resolve before dissolve.... an echo in the breeze
a thousand fold... more tales told... a truth half  heard to tease

do unto others as they would do unto you
this lesson taught well to a shaded fool
past commitments must be up held
but for future the lessons learned well

a guarded moment changed in time
many a hidden word warped in twisted rhyme
who to the message ? who to the spell ?
lost meaning to the blind fool who will never tell

dissipate to reassimilate... tasks are shared between
disgaureded chore now cast ashore.. before the shade is seen
the last resolve before dissolve.... an echo in the breeze
more to thought... than lessons taught... and more that words can mean

looking glass

take a look into the looking glass
with in a moment
you are there
as the dark dank tunnel tumble’s you,
within the darkness
feel the terror feel the tear

torn too with fasination
split by fear and dread
dead paths revealed befor you
as you wonder where they led

theres one traveled trail of gravel
this path pulls to draw you on
one real resolution
to find out what has gone

through bramble that grasp the glowing orb
as they strangling out its light
barbed fingers clutching, cutting flesh
as roots sternly seek
to clasp you tight

onward over boundless cavern wide
spanned by slender, fragile rope
can it bear this extra weight?
can you risk to hope?

darkness flys around you
as you seek safe sanctuary
will you find that peace of mind?
or merely stark insanity?

through slender hall
with grasping hands
make small yourself and speed
they reach without dispairing bars
upon your soul they’ll feed

the open space of  desolate
fear flys in dark’s disguise
souls shrieking  sorrow creeping
hunting ...waiting
till the prey is once espied

hunting as you run for cover
a tower looms up high
locked door and pitted walls
for cover you must climb

howling figures dive
as the you strive to reach the top
whispers in you frozen ears
that urge you now to drop

aloft a window hope’s a fire
as you stumble through the aperture
no going back now for what you see
you wanted answers?
what could it be?

alone a maiden sprawled on her bed
is she dead?
a mirror affixed the door
fragment reflections upon the floor
a fist a belt a shoe ?
who broke this mirror ?
was it you ?
did sharp words reverberate?
was it more than it could take?
besides the mirror a trail of blood
each piece fragment caused a cut
can you see into the shards ?
do you know now where you are ?

now take a look into the looking glass
any piece but have a care
take a looking within the looking glass
in a moment you are there
but as you walk within the shadows
as you feel reality tear
can you escape the looking glass
or are you trapped in there
deeper and deeper
can you escape in time
take a look into the looking glass
welcome to my mind

wall of sound

Fight the over whelming noise pounding at your head
Trying hard to decipher anything that’s said
Unable to tolerate the wall of sound
As you fight the chaos attacking you from all around

You feel you stand alone merely tolerated by those so near
No aspect of you links you to others you hold so dear
Your mind throws slanderous thoughts around in to your mind
A candidate for loneliness your own company all you find

Extracted from life… a walking carcass all that’s left
Thoughts blend with reality… a heart that feels bereft
Echoing sound… silence all around… the words in your head pound
No peace no quiet no solace to be found

fragmented reality

Shattered fragments fall… onto the rocky ground
Piecemeal reflections… shinning back… at the tearful clown
A myriad of mockery …
a distorted smile… is shown
No one to see the jester smile… shows over…
he’s all alone

Mirrored desolation … Casts back the memories to the blackened soul
Faded hopes of yesterday…many a failed goal
Lost laughter wars… with faded dreams
The ghost of things… that could have been
Smile painted in broad cast beam
Nothing… ever… as it would seem

Tears mar painted false façade
Wash the grease paint… smile’s fade
Mirrored shard… held tight in grasp
Blood washes present… heals the past
Scar the marred fragmented soul
Let pain of body… hide pain of soul

Lost in a world of distorted view
Hidden from most but the chosen few


Peace? … natural sedation?
Loss of concentration?
Am I loosing my mind?
Look into the blank eyes what do you find?

Loosing reason… cohesion
No thought or exertion
Slowly slipping away
Or allowing sanity to stay?

Fragmented thoughts
Feelings distraught
Abstract reality
Is this the real me?

Confused… bemused
Feel lost and used
What is peace of mind?
Is it something I can find?

Thought…dancing in my head
To fast to be read
Is this insanity?
Could it be the real me

Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
Why am I?
Alone I cry

Am I just an empty shell?
To selfish to tell?
To lazy to heal?
To scared to feel?

Damaged merchandise?
Dead dull eyes?
No completion
Permanent deletion

Chase friends away
Deserving non-to stay
Natural sedation?

Who am I?

who am i

Who am I? … I am no one just a cold dead frozen heart
What am I? … I am nothing but a shadow in the dark
Where am I? … I am every where and confined to the pits of hell
Why am I? … I am the balance… I live so you are well
When am I? … I am all time … my being echo’s through the past
How am I? … I was created from a demons last repast
How can I? … My soul kills and perishes those I hold so dear
I take away your anguish I take away your fear
How long will I? … For all of hells bitter sweet eternity
I am nothing I am no one I am poison this shadow which you see