minds maze

Locked with in the darkness
Shadows cloud my mind
Demons haunt my waking hours
No path left for me to find

Loneliness can stop a hearts beat
Solitude can crush the mind
No escaping from this prison
No open heart to find

the prey

Darknd sky’s… promise danger… as she struggles within their grasp
Blue smoke swarms… around them
echoes from her past
Demons claws… grow longer… as the moon rises in the sky
No help upon horizon
No one to hear her cry

Shivers flow… as fingers glide
Softly on her skin
Screaming out… in anguish…
she struggles………
…………….now the torment may begin

Demons laughter echoes in the breeze
Bruised wrist as they clasp her
ignoring frantic plea’s
Harshly thrown on solid ground


the lair

Sinking slowly… through the levels of hell
Lost and lonely… as I tumbled and fell
Constricted by soil… bound by despair
Sinking… ever deeper… into the demons lair

No tool to dig… no purchase to grasp
No air to breathe… only choke and gasp
Humiliation pulls… to deeper depths
For life’s little pleasures… time to call… in the debts

No escaping just waiting… for the “fun” to end
No more heart ache no sorrow no will to bend
Closed eyes… I wait for the final call
Feel the demons breath on flesh… as they start to maul

One shade darker… with a final gasp
As at last… a blackened heart they grasp
A smile flickers… upon dying lips
One last heat ache… one more final kiss

dark memories

Dream haunted darkness
Memories of yesteryear
Lost in the darkness
Demons hunt to fear

Closed eyes bring images
Burned... into tortured mind
No escaping memories
The lost... will always find

Dark walk up the stair well
Watch the car go by
Lonely knock on rotted door
What wares... is there to buy

Darkness... falls around me
Rain hits the darkened street
Hush falls upon the deafened ears
Fateful step… to late for my retreat

Couch cast in center venue
Blue smoke... swirling all around
Swords hung on dampened dirty wall
No other seating to b found

Smiles wide inviting
Test the wares today
Sit a while relax  my dear
Its more than safe to stay

Looks that pass between them
Messages fill the air
Tingled spine sensation
Instinct screams beware