on abuse and rape






To dream of you     

Every night I close my eyes, to the touch of your hot caress
I feel your hands explore me; I feel your warm moist breath
Lips pressed hard upon me as I feel them bruise my soul
Each night I close my eyes knowing .......that I will… replay my role

I feel your strong hands coursing… across my soft silk flesh
My body writhes beneath your touch… as slick bodies glide and press
As I close my eyes I feel your breath… hot beneath my ear
Each and every night I close my eyes… with sorrow and with fear

I see you in the shadows I see you in my dreams
I see you in my nightmares nothings as it seems
Your stagnant breath upon me as you pin me to the floor
The hollow sound so echoing, the bolt across the door

Struggling weakly beneath you… I struggle to escape
My silent scream are echoing as my body you do take
Tears fall from my glazed eyes… as the blessed darkness falls
Stomach wrenching terror… as still I feel you maul

At last your time is over an eternity of hell
You pass me to another… and laugh… as he takes his turn as well

My flesh bruised but unbroken… my mind a shattered mess
I listen to echoing laughter as with shaking hands I dress
Each night that I close my eyes… I feel your stagnant breath
Each and every night I close my eyes I long for blessed death

Will this dream ever be over? Will the nightmare never end?
Will I ever trust another? Will I ever find a friend?
Why do I seek for punishment? Drawn to pain and fear
Why feel terror at the closeness of every thing held dear?

Used, confused, shattered, abused
Taken in so foolishly by sick and simple ruse
Trust not my mind forever more
My sickened judgment, punishment from before


loves touch

Shadows bloom on pale flesh
Burned deep within your memory
Of their fetid last caress

nothing new

Strangers stalk...
as shadows grow
Deep within your heart

NOTHING changes
ALL the same
Hide... within your shadows
it all begins again


It b a secret
you must never tell
how your mommy fell
from grace
from god
from all

It be a secret
that your father too
whom you never knew
cast shame
cast out
from all

it b a secret
stop reminding me
by what I see
your face
your eyes
your all

it b a secret
how your bruises grow
why you mustn’t show
your thighs
your back

You b a secret
How you hold the blame
You should feel your shame
Your past
Your now


some to anger some to pain some to loss some to maim some to tears some to woe some forever NOW LET ME GO

A Fathers Love

Towers tall face lost in cloud
Booming voice echoes loud
Muscles ripple as he tends to you
A fist a hand a belt a shoe

Loving caresses rain from above
All done in the name of love
Careful not a bruise to show
Above thigh, and face? below

A model father standing proud
An upright citizen no fault allowed
A fathers love for his daughter pure
So strong so long so hard to endure

But should he be forgiven for a failed test
Unable to love the cuckoo in the nest
Displaced anger displaced fear
Its only natural to hold you own dear